Absolution, like Penitence and Heavenly, were written over a period of months where all I listened to was the playlist of whichever book I was writing at the time. The songs became so much a part of the creative process, I can't listen to ANY of the playlists now without seeing Matthias, Zoe, Weston...Abria. The parties. The temptation. Black spirits. Albert.

I associate certain songs with certain moments, like Sara Bareilles' Gravity captures Zoe's deep feelings for Matthias.

Breathe On Me, by Britney Spears captures Zoe's very mortal attraction to Weston. And his to her.

I hope you enjoy the playlists. I wonder which song will bring to mind certain scenes for you? Write me and tell me.

Gravity  -  Sara Bareilles

Ghost  -  Blue Foundation

Unusual You  -  Britney Spears

Woman in Me  -  Amanda Kaletsky

All the Things She Said  -  T.A.T.U.

Soulmate  -  Natasha Bedingfield

Sing for Absolution  -  Muse

Tonight and the Rest of My Life  -  Nina Gordon

Breathe On Me  -  Britney Spears

Never Say Never  -  the Fray

Without Warning  -  Allred

The Sound of White  -  Missy Higgins

Twenty-Four Hours  -  Athlete

Lovesick Mistake  -  Erin Mc Carley

Prom Theme  -  Fountains of Wayne